Loy Enterprises, Inc.
Custom Courses Developed for and Delivered to:
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Honeywell
  • Nielsen Media Research
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Learn current technologies
Today's information economy requires everyone to stay abreast of a vast field. Innovations come fast and furious in every sector. If you're in a technology-related business, you know this first hand. Even your tools can become "out-dated" in a matter of months. Loy Enterprises can help keep both you and your customers on top of these trends and developments.

Simulate real-world circumstances
One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with current technology is to use it. We strive to include the real technologies where possible in all of our training endeavors. Do your developers need to learn the Ruby on Rails ins and outs to evaluate its potential? Then we'll break out a full application in class. Do your customers need to know how to configure your fantastic new hardware? Then that hardware is right there in the classroom.

All of our developers and managers are big fans of learning by doing. We even extend that philosophy to testing and evaluation in learning environments. How many websites are built by answering multiple choice questions? (Well, OK, how many *good* websites?) We look at training and testing as ways to practice your skills for doing real work in the real world.

Improve workflow and flexibility
Training isn't just about the new stuff, either. We can help improve your current development or training environments. Whether you need help implementing agile strategies internally or you want more self-sufficient customers to cut down on tech support calls, Loy Enterprises has the proven talent to get the job done.
Custom Courses and Materials

Anything new can cause ripples in an organization. Using new technology. Hiring new employees. Selling a new product. Loy Enterprises specializes in developing custom materials to fit your immediate needs. With new technology and employees, we help you get your staff up-to-speed as quickly as possible. With new products, we help you build great supporting documentation. And if you need to train customers or partners on that new product, we'll build the course and help you deliver it, too.

We can travel to you and your employees to deliver custom courses tailored to your current projects. We've done this for half-day overviews that managers need to learn what's behind the buzzwords. We've done this for two-week intensive courses designed for skilled, senior developers who want to tackle a specific project and have some real, usable code to show for it at the end of the course. When Sun Microsystems rolled out Java to the world, we were there to help build the curriculum used internally and delivered it to hundreds of Sun's best and brightest.

When building a new product or service, you need to make sure your partners and your support staff are ready. We develop both the user-level documentation such as user guides and helps sites as well as the internal documentation such as troubleshooting procedures and front-line help desk training. If your product or service is more complex or intricate, we'll also help you develop and deliver custom training to your sales channels and eventually to your customers. Done right, you can even turn the cost of training into a revenue stream.